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Degen Corporate International

D.C.I. represents a place where one can release their inner degen in them.

Dive in the depths of web3 with D.C.I., a place that showcase a traditional culture of degenerates hoppins on hottest NFT drops, flipping NFTS, maximizing their leverage and getting wiped out.

Degeneracy is a lifestyle that many of us live on a daily basis. D.C.I. is produced for the culture, by the culture.

Throughout our journey you will witness a story of an average degenerate. Euphoria, sadness, FOMO, distress, are all products of volatile market conditions that we brother degenerates have to face every day.

as the time goes you will unlock various new mechanics , rewards and airdrops that serve their place in the dci ecosystem. there are 10 stages in order to masteer the journey of degeneracy. Also, be cautious with degenerates around you, you never know who wants to hack in your office and steal all of your NFT & crypto fruits.

D.C.I., where the culture of NFTs, web3 & degeneracy becomes one.